Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association

Directory of CPCA Certified Contractors

Welcome to the National Registry of C.P.C.A. Certified Petroleum Mechanics. You can use this database to look up PM’s in your region.

Each user listed is responsible for maintaining their own entries, so if changes to your listing are required, please email the C.P.C.A. at

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CPCA004 Zook, Bryan SK
CPCA005 Sabourin, Yvon MB
CPCA008 Larocque, Raymond MB
CPCA009 Ozarko, Bill MB
CPCA010 Gauthier, Richard MB
CPCA011 Dushnitsky, Randy MB
CPCA013 Lindsay, John AB
CPCA015 Wallace, Scott AB
CPCA017 Congdon, Lee AB
CPCA018 Unrau, Nick AB
CPCA019 Ryder, Darryl AB
CPCA020 Hildebrand, William AB
CPCA021 Siemens, George BC
CPCA026 Burke, Bruce AB
CPCA027 Wipf, Willie AB
CPCA028 Graville, Cliff AB
CPCA029 Kowalsky, David MB
CPCA032 Brems, Michael AB
CPCA033 Myroniuk, Doug AB
CPCA034 Bunz, William AB
CPCA035 Sware, Darrell BC
CPCA036 Leslie, Patrick AB
CPCA037 Sandstrom, Wayne AB
CPCA038 Lightbody, Terry SK
CPCA039 Kiefer, Klaus AB
CPCA043 Remillard, Darrell AB
CPCA044 Ross, George AB
CPCA049 O'Reilly, Andy AB
CPCA056 Wylie, Sam AB
CPCA058 Renner, Dave AB
CPCA059 Hood, James AB
CPCA060 Hood, Roy AB
CPCA061 Westera, John AB
CPCA062 Van Den Akker, Case AB
CPCA063 Swalm, Rory SK
CPCA064 Forster, Blair AB
CPCA065 Blades, Deren AB
CPCA070 Zuehlke, Ken AB
CPCA071 Berge, Brian AB
CPCA072 Olson, Terry AB
CPCA074 Humphrey, Ivan AB
CPCA075 Humphrey, Todd AB
CPCA076 Humphrey, Geoffrey AB
CPCA080 Lawson, Wade AB
CPCA082 Brescia, Lyndon ON
CPCA083 Towpich, Byron AB
CPCA084 Benoit, Michel AB
CPCA085 Brochu, Michael
CPCA086 Sniezek, Mitchell AB
CPCA091 Burnell, Clint AB
CPCA092 Shewchuk, Jeffrey AB
CPCA093 Burnell, Matthew AB
CPCA095 Ward, Malcolm AB
CPCA096 Purnell, Harvey AB
CPCA097 Meier, Heinz AB
CPCA098 Csek, John AB
CPCA099 Hulshof, Edward AB
CPCA101 Johnson, Craig AB
CPCA102 Henschell, Roger AB
CPCA103 Wournell, Michael AB
CPCA104 Handel, Corey AB
CPCA105 White, Pat AB
CPCA106 Giron, Julio BC
CPCA114 Hansen, Steve AB
CPCA116 Reid, Paul AB
CPCA119 Senio, Mark AB
CPCA123 Pacholik, Joe AB
CPCA124 Schroyen, Cal AB
CPCA125 Schroyen, Tim AB
CPCA126 Burton, Jeffrey SK
CPCA127 Anderson, Kevin AB
CPCA129 Mullen, Scott AB
CPCA131 Mullen, Jack AB
CPCA132 Mullen, Jerry AB
CPCA135 Taylor, Bruce AB
CPCA137 Parsons, Rick AB
CPCA139 Campbell, Darcy SK
CPCA140 Bolen, Rick AB
CPCA141 Hack, Richard AB
CPCA142 Sannachan, Dave AB
CPCA143 Ho, David AB
CPCA144 Wood, Eugene NS
CPCA147 Shtuka, Pete AB
CPCA149 Lowe, Leslie AB
CPCA150 Erlandson, Neil AB
CPCA151 Steward, James AB
CPCA152 Sware, Wade AB
CPCA154 Duiker, Wade AB
CPCA156 Kenwood, Chad MB
CPCA157 Scott, Jeff MB
CPCA158 Kotelniski, Mike MB
CPCA161 Katerenchuk, Jim AB
CPCA162 Therrien, Daniel
CPCA163 Boland, Roger AB
CPCA164 Cundy, Nole AB
CPCA165 McGillis, Hugh AB
CPCA166 Racic, Peter AB
CPCA167 Kremer, Tom AB
CPCA168 Eashappie, Rick AB
CPCA170 Piontkowski, Richard AB
CPCA172 McGillis, Bernie AB
CPCA176 Dahl, Brian AB
CPCA183 Howes, Jordie AB
CPCA185 Thompson, Robert AB
CPCA188 McCollister, Travis AB
CPCA189 Chupka, Darryl AB
CPCA191 Chizmadia, Tyler AB
CPCA197 Friesen, William SK
CPCA198 Arcand, Dennis SK
CPCA199 Wells, Terry SK
CPCA200 Smith, Gary AB
CPCA202 Bailey, Aaron AB
CPCA204 Schuurman, Adrian AB
CPCA206 Vandenbrink, Christopher AB
CPCA207 Guido, Bob AB
CPCA209 Hokanson, Damon MB
CPCA210 Shannon, William MB
CPCA212 Middleton, Brent MB
CPCA213 Spring, Warren MB
CPCA219 Simpson, Dave MB
CPCA220 Olafson, Regan MB
CPCA222 Wood, Jeremy AB
CPCA225 Waldo, Robert AB
CPCA226 Waldo, Derek AB
CPCA230 Stockmann, Robert MB
CPCA231 Jones, Terrance ABG
CPCA233 Gobeil, Dan MB
CPCA234 Ewashko, Ricky AB
CPCA235 Ekblad, Rob Birger AB
CPCA237 Tymchak, Donald AB
CPCA244 Iverson, Randy SK
CPCA245 Rodwin, Randy SK
CPCA246 McLay, Ryan AB
CPCA248 Schotchenko, Cary MB
CPCA249 Coupal, David AB
CPCA254 Krauchek, Mike AB
CPCA256 Ackerman, Darrin AB
CPCA258 Kiddell, Mark AB
CPCA259 Rundle, Kevin AB
CPCA261 Brousseau, Charles AB
CPCA267 Heal, Howard AB
CPCA269 Johnson, Jeff AB
CPCA273 McRae, Wade AB
CPCA275 Teichroeb, Darcy AB
CPCA276 Teichroeb, Ryland AB
CPCA277 Sztym, Nick AB
CPCA278 Wilmot, Chad AB
CPCA280 Jabusch, Trever L. SK
CPCA281 Jenkins, Steven SK
CPCA283 Senczek, Antoni SK
CPCA284 Hinch, Tim AB
CPCA289 Jones, Fred AB
CPCA291 Schwindt, Peter AB
CPCA292 Szucs, Brad BC
CPCA293 Nelson, Joey AB
CPCA297 Norman, Duncan BC
CPCA298 Fairweather, Aidan AB
CPCA299 Kiddell, Robert AB
CPCA303 Ward, Jason AB
CPCA310 Petersen, James AB
CPCA311 Polyanytsya, Oleh AB
CPCA318 Braun, Jason AB
CPCA328 Teolis, Scott AB
CPCA330 Reyes, Willie AB
CPCA331 Lockhart, Lester AB
CPCA332 James, Neil Ryan AB
CPCA335 McDonald, Jeremy AB
CPCA337 Pearce, Dennis BC
CPCA348 Janssen, Michael AB
CPCA351 Rundle, Brian AB
CPCA353 Rawcliffe, Stephen AB
CPCA355 Guthrie, Ray Douglas AB
CPCA362 Halls, Peter AB
CPCA366 Bielinski, Tony AB
CPCA368 Shea, Paul ON
CPCA370 Buyting, Hilary ON
CPCA371 Krabbenhoft, David MB
CPCA372 Chartrand, Chris MB
CPCA373 Rosendaal, Frank MB
CPCA374 Pelletier, Michel NB
CPCA375 Flatt, Jeffrey BC
CPCA376 Loos, Gary BC
CPCA377 Loos, Douglas BC
CPCA378 Guthrie, Kyle AB
CPCA379 Guthrie, Marc AB
CPCA380 Marrasse, John AB
CPCA381 Guthrie, Megan AB
CPCA382 Miles, Kendall ON
CPCA384 Simmons, Craig NS
CPCA385 Campbell, Dereck NB
CPCA386 MacNeil, Terry NS
CPCA387 Jardine, Kirk NB
CPCA393 Jonasson, Trevor MB
CPCA394 Collins, Tommy MB
CPCA395 Lindsay, Kurt MB
CPCA396 Bossence, Jody MB
CPCA399 Gruyters, Adam MB
CPCA400 Major, Alain ON
CPCA402 Otte, Skye MB
CPCA403 Young, Jordon MB
CPCA404 Ollson, Gerry MB
CPCA408 Hales, Bruce MB
CPCA409 Bohemier, Mike MB
CPCA413 Hann , Nick AB
CPCA417 Parmar, Kishore SK
CPCA418 Lenz, Matt AB
CPCA419 Slade, Trevor AB
CPCA420 Watson, Steve AB
CPCA421 Lyons, Geoff AB
CPCA423 Sexsmith, Tony AB
CPCA429 Erdos, Wayne AB
CPCA441 Egers, Waylon NB
CPCA444 Creamer, Howard PE
CPCA449 Flynn, Matt AB
CPCA450 Macumber, Andrew AB
CPCA451 Macumber, Wesley AB
CPCA452 Madden, Terry AB
CPCA453 Stepharnoff, Reginald AB
CPCA454 Bartels, Chris AB
CPCA456 Dale, Duane AB
CPCA457 Donnan, Blair AB
CPCA459 Durbin, Brian AB
CPCA462 Haugen, Victor AB
CPCA463 Holte, Craig AB
CPCA467 Klatt, Kevin AB
CPCA470 Patton, Danny AB
CPCA471 Zurkan, Kris AB
CPCA474 O'Neill, Pat AB
CPCA476 Taggart, Drew AB
CPCA479 Schroeder, Zachary SK
CPCA482 Piccolo, Brian AB
CPCA484 Fowler, Spenser AB
CPCA485 Beames, Ryan AB
CPCA487 Leonard, Craig NS
CPCA489 Lewis, Vincent
CPCA491 Stolte, Jeffrey AB
CPCA492 Irwin, Darren AB
CPCA493 Zubor, Marco AB
CPCA494 Fortinski, Todd AB
CPCA495 Belland, Ron AB
CPCA497 L'Heureux, Michael AB
CPCA501 Smailes, Kurt AB
CPCA502 Carre, Roland ON
CPCA503 Dwyer, Dean ON
CPCA510 Touchbourne, Scott AB
CPCA512 Marshman, Todd ON
CPCA513 Alphonso, Declan MB
CPCA517 Dinelle, Kenneth AB
CPCA519 Haayema, Brian AB
CPCA520 Cassidy, Michael AB
CPCA523 Edwards, Rodney ON
CPCA524 Kennedy, Clayton ON
CPCA525 Stewart, Andrew ON
CPCA528 Bonyun, Jonathan AB
CPCA529 Ciuclea, Dumitru AB
CPCA530 Fillmore, Kyle AB
CPCA531 Lupton, Tim AB
CPCA532 Willard, Matthew AB
CPCA533 Weston , Stephen AB
CPCA535 Bass-Meldrum, Rachel AB
CPCA537 Chayba, Craig AB
CPCA538 Hodgson, Corey AB
CPCA539 Hughes, Kevin BC
CPCA541 Neville, Kevin AB
CPCA544 Renner, Brandon AB
CPCA545 Renner, Shea AB
CPCA547 Weaver, Richard AB
CPCA548 Chestnut, Josh AB
CPCA549 Saadeh, Adonis AB
CPCA554 Izquierdo, Jairo AB
CPCA555 Rufin Cortes, Osvaldo AB
CPCA560 Gregory, Nathan BC
CPCA562 Suzick, Hal AB
CPCA563 Muik, Gord AB
CPCA564 Mandel, Jordan AB
CPCA566 Lindsay, Jeff SK
CPCA567 Vailancourt, Robert SK
CPCA568 Hicks, David MB
CPCA578 Andrews, Jared MB
CPCA585 Hodder, Chris AB
CPCA586 Stashko, Rob SK
CPCA587 Thompson, David William SK
CPCA589 Hickenbotham, Brett BC
CPCA590 Myroniuk, Mitchel AB
CPCA591 Wood, Brett AB
CPCA592 Wood, Philip AB
CPCA596 Dancer, Sheldon AB
CPCA597 Gilbertson, Trudy MB
CPCA598 Sutherland, Ken AB
CPCA599 Wilkins, Mitchel BC
CPCA600 De Barra, Lorcan AB
CPCA602 Hunt, Jason AB
CPCA603 Luft, Mark AB
CPCA604 MacRae, Thomas AB
CPCA606 Schiffner, Ryan AB
CPCA611 Pearson, Clive AB
CPCA612 Halbgewachs, Reece AB
CPCA616 Fairn, Les AB
CPCA618 Robertson, Gordon NT
CPCA620 McCarthy, Danny ON
CPCA633 Robb, Darin SK
CPCA635 Rainville, Francois BC
CPCA636 Parke, Walter BC
CPCA638 Dayne, Robert BC
CPCA643 Michelin, Bernard NL
CPCA648 Curley, Ken
CPCA650 Anyuon, Philip AB
CPCA651 Campbell, Scott SK
CPCA653 Corbett, George AB
CPCA655 Scheffel, George BC
CPCA656 Scott, Troy SK
CPCA658 Li, Qiang AB
CPCA661 Barabash, Michael BC
CPCA665 Menard, Alain
CPCA666 Gerlitz, Jesse AB
CPCA667 Williams, Christopher AB
CPCA681 Kervin, Douglas AB
CPCA683 Brennan, Neil AB
CPCA685 Graville, Spencer AB
CPCA685 Graville, Spencer AB
CPCA686 Hood, Curtis AB
CPCA687 Sorg, Jeff AB
CPCA688 Jordan, Kirby AB
CPCA689 McEwen, Mark AB
CPCA697 Crotty, Trevor AB
CPCA698 Pelletier, Serge NS
CPCA699 McLaughlin, Wayne ON
CPCA701 Gavel, Daniel NS
CPCA702 Hellawell, Darin AB
CPCA703 Embury, Richard BC
CPCA704 Middlteon, Stuart BC
CPCA707 Gibbs, Jason SK
CPCA709 Pimm, Joseph AB
CPCA724 Filipov, Victor AB
CPCA725 Siemens, Joshua AB
CPCA727 Pickard, Charles AB
CPCA728 Langlois, Tara Lynn AB
CPCA729 Chiasson, Joseph AB
CPCA735 Tyndall, Danny AB
CPCA736 Van Marrum, Deborah AB
CPCA737 Niedoba, Deonater AB
CPCA738 Bilodeau, Benjamin AB
CPCA739 Johnston, Joshua AB
CPCA741 Barnett, Allan AB
CPCA742 Cito, Eric AB
CPCA743 Williams, Kyle AB
CPCA744 Schwab, Paul AB
CPCA746 McLaren, Kevin AB
CPCA747 Davis, Logan AB
CPCA748 McKenna, Paul AB
CPCA749 Young, Randall AB
CPCA750 Sweiger, Steve AB
CPCA751 Innis, Alex AB
CPCA752 Chamberlain, Ty AB
CPCA753 Smith, Ryan AB
CPCA757 Mediwake, Chandra AB
CPCA758 King, Alex AB
CPCA767 Wickenheiser, Leanne AB
CPCA768 Leveque, Crystal AB
CPCA770 Miller, Damon AB
CPCA780 Huang, Michael AB
CPCA788 Centurion, Hector AB