Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association


CPCA 2017 Annual General Meeting Highlights

The CPCA annual general meeting was held on March 6th in Toronto in conjunction with the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association’s annual conference.

In attendance representing their respective provincial associations were CPCA president Marcus Cormier (Alberta), directors Ken Jamieson (Ontario), Louis Rizzetto (Quebec), Margo Middleton (British Columbia), and CPCA administrator Michelle Rae. Thank you to those CPCA Board members that attended, especially to those that travelled from other provinces. Representatives from Saskatchewan and Manitoba were unfortunately unable to attend.

The meeting commenced with each provincial association providing an update on their respective organization. Marcus Cormier reported the Alberta Petroleum Storage System Contractors Association sees very good participation from their members. They are currently working on a best practice for their members with respect to contractor liability.

Louis Rizzetto of the Association des Petroliers Entrepreneurs du Quebec reported they have made a lot of progress with respect to their petroleum mechanic training and certification program. They are working closely with the labour mobility group to ensure the CPCA standard is consistent throughout the process. Anticipated rollout of the program is early 2018.

Margo Middleton of the British Columbia Petroleum Contractors Association reported they are continuing their efforts to build their associations member base, although their focus right now is to continue their work with their provincial industry training authority with respect to their province’s petroleum equipment tradesperson program. Marcus Cormier and Michelle Rae recently met with the group to discuss utilizing CPCA resources for the BC program.

Ken Jamieson of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association reported OPCA is working on a course for work on generator systems, it has been a challenge to develop due to the complexities of the code. The Liquid Fuels Handling Code for Ontario has been delayed in being published; it is anticipated it will be released this fall noting there is more alignment with the national code in this latest version. The OPCA will be working with TSSA to develop a code update workshop for license holders.

The OPCA hosted a welcome reception for CPCA on the evening of March 6th. CPCA delegates also joined OPCA members for dinner and entertainment the evening of March 7th. The banquet was well attended with approximately one hundred guests enjoying the festivities of the evening. Master magician Jack Poulin was invited to entertain the crowd.

Master magician Jack Poulin with CPCA Administrator Michelle Rae

Magician Jack Poulin entertains the dinner guests

CPCA Address at the OPCA Annual General Meeting – Marcus Cormier, CPCA President

Marcus thanked the OPCA for hosting the CPCA Annual General Meeting on March 6. As OPCA staff manage the day to day operations of CPCA, he thanked Michelle Rae and Donna Riddle for all their work.

The CPCA’s mandate is to promote a standard for Petroleum Mechanic Training and Certification across Canada. He noted special recognition should be given to OPCA for their initial development of a training program for the industry in 1994, the program has come a long way over the years.

Marcus Cormier’s address at the OPCA Annual General Meeting

Marcus also noted the CPCA promotes labour mobility through the Agreement on Internal Trade signed by all provinces. Chapter 7 of the Agreement on Internal Trade states workers officially recognized in once province is recognized in all other provinces without the worker being required to undertake any material additional requirements, such as education, training, examination, or assessments.

As discussed at the CPCA annual meeting, Marcus and Michelle Rae recently met with the British Columbia Industry Training Authority to discuss potential harmonization of their and CPCA’s program to facilitate certification and work towards reciprocity.

The Alberta Petroleum Storage System Contractors Association (APSSCA) is currently collecting case studies with respect to contractor liability. Information collected will assist APSSCA in developing best practices for contractors. Please contact APSSCA for more information.

Marcus congratulated the Association des Entrepreneurs du Quebec on their achievement in working with the Quebec government to establish the Petroleum Mechanic trade and training and certification program in Quebec.

From left: CPCA Ontario representatives Gord Thompson & Ken Jamieson, CPCA Administrator Michelle Rae and CPCA President Marcus Cormier

Thank you again to the OPCA for hosting our event, we appreciate all the support received from our member associations. We look forward to our continued collected efforts in promoting our industry across Canada.