Experience Logbook For Trainees

This booklet was developed by the Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association. It is intended to be used by the trainee as a permanent record of their practical experience as they gain the necessary skills in accordance with the CPCA “Policies and Procedures for Petroleum Mechanics”. The log book assists the trainee in keeping a detailed record of their practical experience.

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Note to Supervisors and Employers

The requirements table contained in this booklet outlines the skills covered in the scope of each CPCA Petroleum Mechanic license category and in accordance with CPCA Policies and Procedures.

Supervisors and Employers are required to sign off and date the skills following each successful achievement attesting that the trainee/employee has properly demonstrated the required skills as well as attesting the trainee/employee has obtained the required number of hours required to obtain certification (see Trade Experience Requirement).

The supervisor shall be a licensed petroleum mechanic. The trainee shall work under the direct supervision of the supervisor. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the trainee has properly demonstrated the required skills to them.

Note to Trainee

The trainee is responsible for recording all hours spent on the required skills under the direct supervision of a licensed petroleum mechanic.

It is the responsibility of the trainee with regard to the care and maintenance of this booklet.

This booklet shall become the sole record of the trainee’s practical experience.

Once you have fulfilled the required hours for certification for a specific license category , you can transfer the hours to a summary page located at the back of the booklet.

When applying for certification, you are required to submit CPCA Form #3 Verification of Trade Experience and a copy of a summary page located at the end of the log book. You are not required to submit the entire booklet.