Individuals can do the following online:

Applying for a new license

For PM1, PM2 & PM3

Applicants must have completed a CPCA Home Study Program (including review/exam).

Must submit Form 3 – Verification of Trade Experience and additional documentation outlined in the form.

Click “Apply for a new license” link above to proceed with application

Renewing a License

Current license holders can renew their license online using the “Renew License” link above.

License Reinstatement

A license that has been expired for one year or more from the individual’s license expiry date is considered to be lapsed. Individuals who have lapsed licenses can apply for reinstatement. Individuals must submit a CPCA Form 3 – Verification of Trade Experience and current employer letter to be considered for reinstatement.

Click “Apply for reinstatement for lapsed licenses” link above to proceed with the application

Online Payment options:

CPCA License Renewal: Fee: $50.00

CPCA License Reinstatement: Fee: $200.00

Exam Re-Write Fee: $200.00

Payment can be paid online through Paypal. Note: You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment, select the Debit/Credit card option.

Refund Requests

Contact the CPCA at or call 1-866-360-6722 if payment was made in error.


  • Application fees for reinstatement are non-refundable.