Notice for in-class review/exam sessions: As COVID restrictions are lifting, we can commence the in-class sessions with necessary protocols in place based on provincial requirements. This includes limiting the number of students in a classroom and ensuring physical distancing requirements are in place.  Students are encouraged to enroll in the programs and continue to study and prepare for these sessions.

Home Study Course Info

The CPCA home study program provides the necessary theoretical training in preparation for the required Petroleum Mechanic course examinations.

Students purchase the home study package then attend a one-day instructor led Review & Exam session.  Sessions are scheduled throughout the year in participating provinces.

Visit the main training page for program details

Upcoming Sessions

Contact the CPCA if interested, sessions will be arranged if there is enough interest

Calgary, Alberta

Monday Feb 6  

PMH – 8:00 am

PMH – 11:00 am

Tuesday Feb 7

PMH – 8:00 am

PMH – 11:00 am

Thursday Feb 9

PM1 – 8:00 am

Wednesday Feb 8

PM2/PM3 – 8:00 am

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Will schedule sessions early spring 2023 if there is enough interest

Attendance requirements

Students must be enrolled in a course in order to register and attend a review/exam session. Sessions details will be sent to students once they are registered and confirmed by the CPCA office.

Classes are scheduled based on demand. It is recommended you register for courses to help us determine our schedules. Students must pre-register to attend any review/exam sessions.

Sessions will be scheduled based on minimums required.  Contact CPCA if interested at or call 1-866-360-6722

About CPCA Review / Exam Sessions

Students must pre-register to attend review/exam sessions

If you are currently registered in the home study course and would like to attend any scheduled sessions, please contact the CPCA at or call 1-866-360-6722.

Sessions are scheduled based on minimum registration.

Please note the dates and location are confirmed with students at least 45 days prior to the sessions. Read below for details on how to register for sessions, and no-show fees.

Typical Review / Exam Session Agenda

9:00 am -12:00 pm – Review period (short breaks scheduled)

1:00 – 3:00 pm – Exam time frame

Schedules are an estimate only. Review period and exam time frame will vary depending on class size and amount of material to be covered.

*NOTE: PMH exam includes both written & practical component & therefore space is limited

What to Bring To The Review / Exam Session

Download the checklist here

  • Photo ID
  • Pencil & Pen
  • CPCA Manual
  • CCME
  • National Fire Code 2015 or 2020 versions
  • A copy of the latest National Fire Code & CCME Environmental Code of Practice for Above Ground & Underground Storage Tank Systems Containing Petroleum and Allied Petroleum Products booklet***

The NFC and CCME are used for reference for the exam. It is strongly recommended to bring these two publications with you.

The National Fire Code can be purchased through the National Research Council (click here for website). Note: The NRC now provides a free pdf version of the National Fire Code. You must bring a printed version with you to the exam. If you are printing your own copy from the pdf, it is not necessary to print the entire document. We use the following sections:

  • Division A – Part 1
  • Division B – Part 4
  • Index

The CCME booklet can be downloaded for free. Click here to download

How to Register & Fees

Download and submit the  Home Study Course/Challenge Registration Form  and submit to the CPCA by visiting the Documents and Forms page here, and downloading the document.

Forms also available in the  Documents & Forms  section under  Training & Certification

Registration Fees

Refer to the registration form for fees. Fees are discounted for CPCA members. CPCA members are companies that are members of the following provincial associations:

British Columbia
BCPCA – British Columbia Petroleum Contractors Association

APSSCA – Alberta Petroleum Storage System Contractors Association

SRPCA – Saskatchewan Retail Petroleum Construction Association

MPCA – Manitoba Petroleum Contractors Association

OPCA – Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association

AEPQ – Association des Entrepreneurs pétroliers du Québec

Exam Re-Writes

If students are unsuccessful on their initial examination attempt, they are permitted to re-write after 30 days from the exam. The re-write fee is $200.00

The student has two options for re-writes:

  1. Attend the next scheduled CPCA review/exam session. This is recommended as the student can benefit from the instructor led review.
  2. Write at an approved testing centre in their area. Additional fee may apply.

Please contact the CPCA at 1-866-360-6722 or to schedule a re-write.

No Shows

Students who register for a review/exam session and cancel before 15 days prior to the class are subject to a no-show fee. Contact the CPCA for details.