The CPCA held their Annual General Meeting on June 5th 2019 in conjunction with the Alberta Petroleum Storage System Contractors Association at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary.

Board members in attendance were CPCA President Marcus Cormier from Cantest Solutions and directors Kim Hansen from MI Petro representing APSSCA, Gord Thompson from Comco Canada representing OPCA and Margo Middleton from Middleton Petroleum representing BCPCA. Directors also in attendance via video conference were Mike Seibel from National Energy Equipment representing SRPCA and Louis Rizzetto from National Energy Equipment representing AEPQ. There were also several APSSCA members in attendance including Joe Murphy from Fireball Equipment and Pat White from Leak Technologies.

The Board discussed issues and updates among the provincial associations with training initiatives being the leading topic as we anticipate the launch of the Petroleum Mechanic training program in Quebec as well as a new course for generator work and inspections developed by the OPCA. AEPQ Director Louis Rizzetto reported the Petroleum Mechanic trade is very close to being recognized in Quebec noting the finalization of all materials and examinations. OPCA Executive Director Michelle Rae gave a presentation on the B139 Technician course they are developing.

We would like to thank the APSSCA for hosting our event. Details on the provincial updates and more on the upcoming training initiatives will be posted on the CPCA website.

Lastly, we would also like to acknowledge Rob Bateman of the BCPCA. As Margo Middleton mentions in the BCPCA update, Rob was integral in the formation of the BCPCA as well as the training program for petroleum installers and technicians in British Columbia. We would like to thank Rob for his many years of involvement with the CPCA and wish all the best in his retirement.