CPCA Petroleum Mechanic Updates

Due to the pandemic the CPCA has not been able to provide the in-class review & exam sessions for their Petroleum Mechanic Certification courses. In the meantime, we have still been accepting and processing course registrations, shipping material and providing students access to online tools and quizzes so that they can complete the home study components of the course.

We have been monitoring the situation in Alberta – there has been indoor gathering restrictions since last year and currently there are still no indoor gatherings allowed. As there would also be students as well as CPCA staff entering the province, following quarantine protocols would not be feasible. Unfortunately, these are circumstances beyond our control. We were hoping things were going to get better this spring and we would be able to offer the in-class review and exam sessions with our prepared COVID protocols in place but unfortunately this is not the case.

Therefore, we recently met with CPCA instructors to discuss providing virtual review and exam sessions and will offering these sessions later this spring/early summer. We will first be running a pilot session with a control group to ensure these sessions run smoothly and identify any adjustments we need to make for a virtual platform.

The virtual session will comprise of the material and code review followed by an online exam proctored by CPCA staff remotely.

For those taking the PMH course, the practical component will also be completed virtually with an instructor. Students will also be required to submit a PMH practical sign-off document signed by their supervisor.

Delivering these sessions virtually will be a temporary solution during the pandemic. When it is feasible to do so, we will commence the in-class sessions as they are preferred for exam invigilation and more ideal for student engagement and success.

We are currently working on our schedule and will notify students as soon as dates are confirmed as well as posting the dates on the CPCA website. In the meantime, we encourage students to register for their courses and complete the home study components.

We thank our students and CPCA members for their patience and understanding while we work to deliver our program through these alternate delivery methods during these challenging times.

Information on the CPCA Petroleum Mechanic training course can be found on our website at https://cpcaonline.com/training/home-study/ Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.