Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association


The Canadian Petroleum Contractors Association (C.P.C.A.) represents the interests of Canadian petroleum contractors on a national basis.

Our membership consists of contractors that are actively involved with the installation, maintenance, testing and or removal of storage tank and delivery systems typically used in the petroleum industry.

Since it’s inception in 2001, the association has represented the views of its members on a multitude of business, regulatory, education, licensing and safety issues.

The objectives of C.P.C.A and the services it delivers on behalf of its members include:

  • A national training standard and certification program for technicians
  • An accessible, national registry for certified technicians
  • Maintain a working relationship with government for regulation and standards development and renewal
  • Provide a supportive role to the member provincial associations
  • Develop and deliver programs, procedures and other beneficial services to the members
  • Improve awareness of the industry and provide information to the public

Active membership in C.P.C.A. is available to provincial/regional contractor associations whose members are also engaged in the installation, maintenance, testing and or removal of storage tank systems. Other organizations, business, and other parties related to the Active Member’s activities are invited to become associate members.